5 Ways To Instantly Improve Google SEO Indexing

Google SEO Indexing

5 Ways To Instantly Improve Google SEO Indexing: When it comes to google one of the most important things is to get into the index and get into the index quickly and rank as highly as possible.

In fact, in google if you get a good index you can show up on the first couple pages and start getting traffic right away.

But the first thing is you need to know how to get into the index.

Today we’re going to talk to you about everything that you need to know about getting into the index in google quickly in five easy steps.

Okay so what’s the first way to get into the index?

  1. Links

Any page that links from one page to another page inside of the internet will allow google to crawl a page go to the other page and then it will pick up the other page and get that into the index.

So the first way to get your website into the index is to have other sites linked to you.

  1. A site map

What a lot of people don’t realize is that sitemaps are really powerful.

And you can do a couple different things.

The first thing is you can submit an xml sitemap to google inside a google search console.

That’s going to allow your entire website to get picked up.

But in addition to that you can submit segments of your website.

If you like you can just submit a portion of it.

If you have a large directory website maybe you have a couple hundred categories;

You want to get those picked up;

And you want to be able to see in your index report;

How many of those are actually indexed you can submit that portion of your site map and,

you can get those parts just picked up.

So that can be really powerful for certain portions of your website.

Also having an html sitemap that’s linked to in the footer of your website is very powerful.

Because google will crawl your website to my point on  linking earlier that’s going to allow google to crawl those links,

Crawl the html sitemap, crawl all the pages on that site map;

And then that’s going to allow you to get those pages into the index.

Also an image sitemap will allow you to get your images indexed.

And a video sitemap will allow you to get your videos indexed.

A pro tip Youtube videos get indexed very quickly.

So if you’re going after a term that is either competitive and you have great authority on Youtube or it’s not competitive.

And you are just specifically targeting it really well you can make a Youtube video and you can be ranking really quickly.

And very highly in google in the video area and then also inside of the main area.

  1. Social media shares

Social media shares are incredibly powerful for getting pages indexed on the internet.

So that’s why you see large news sites have pages jump up so quickly because they get tons and tons of shares.

and this is usually a result of a lot of shares on twitter or Facebook specifically so item number three is get social media shares.

  1. Fetches google now

Item number four and item number five are actually kind of the same.

because that’s just google is done through the URl inspection tool inside of google search console.

So with google search console you can inspect the URL and then you can fetch that URL and you can submit that URL.

That allows you to get pages picked up inside of the index inside of google quickly.

If you have an individual page you can get it picked up almost right away you usually within you know a couple hours of submitting.


  1. Bonus item

Now if you have a page inside of google how do you get it removed that’s one bonus item I’m going to go over.

And I’m also going to go over one more bonus item.

So I have two bonus items for you so your URL removal tool.

What a lot of people don’t realize there’s actually a tool in google called the URL removal tool that will remove pages from the index.

Check to make sure somebody hasn’t set up a search console account and removed a URL that you don’t want to have removed.

You actually might have some URLs in the removal tool that you don’t even know about.

And then also schema!

What a lot of people don’t realize is now with schema.org you can be deliberate about what you show inside of the google index.

You can show certain types of information in a very specific way around products,

around reviews, around a lot of different things, even the length of certain types of descriptions that you couldn’t before.

So make sure you’re taking a look at your schema in addition to how you’re using all of these other things to get inside of the google index.

Indexing and SEO

When it comes to indexing and SEO it’s a very important thing,

as websites get bigger and bigger it can become more and more of a challenge.

If you’re working with a large e-commerce site a large directory site, a large brand,

in many cases they want to get more and more pages in the index.

So they start creating more and more pages.

But what happens is at some point some of those pages become low quality if they’re low quality,

They’re not going to be in the index they’re not going to show up high they’re not going to rank.

My final piece of advice to you would be make as many high quality pages as possible on your website.

Invest the time invest the energy and making it the best page on the internet as much as possible.

And if you can’t do that make great use of your database so that the pages and,

the categories that you’re creating or pulling in information on from your database and,

displaying it in as unique a way as possible and then fill,

in the additional information around that with excellent content.

That’s it for indexing and SEO today.

I hope that these tips were helpful for you.

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