What is the importance of keywords in SEO?

The role of keywords in SEO

What is the importance of keywords in SEO?

The role of keywords in SEO: Remember, the power of keyword research lies in better understanding your target market and how to search for them to write content.

The keyword research process will answer these questions while producing content:

What are people looking for?

How many people are looking for them?

In what context do users want information?

Ask questions before starting keyword research!

You may be very excited at the beginning and want to know what words users are searching for related to your business.

But doing so in a hurry cannot be fruitful for you and can be time-consuming for you, so it is important to ask yourself some questions before starting a business in the web portal.

Knowing these questions will help you produce the best content.

The point to keep in mind is to never rush into your research and assess the situation carefully.

The more comprehensive the questions you design and the more accurate the answers, it’s clearer the path of research and SEO will be for you.

The questions can be varied for any business.

For example, we have designed these questions for a gift shop:

  • What kind of gift are people looking for?
  • Who is searching for these gift-related terms and phrases on the Internet?
  • When are users looking for gifts on the Internet?
  • What words do users use to find the gift they are looking for?
  • What questions do users have?
  • Is the search rate higher with mobile or computer?
  • What occasions do people find suitable for giving as a gift?
  • Why do people buy gifts?
  • Do people buy gifts for themselves?
  • Where are the customers? How to find them?

As you design these questions, you may have to answer them yourself.

Also, try to get more questions from others.

To do this, you can ask a colleague some questions about that.

this will help you to produce better content.

Find keywords

Before you start the research process, most likely, you have in mind the words that you want to have a place with. These are the best words to start with.

When you use these words in the tools, you will see similar and related words, each with a different search volume. At this point, you may want to use the most searched words that will increase your site traffic.

The words with less search may be less competitive and more relevant to your business.

This will give you many words and questions that you may not have had in mind before.

When searching for a keyword, both highly competitive and low-competitive keywords will be useful to your website.

But knowing the level of competition is very important for prioritizing them.

Keywords based on competitor analysis

Knowing what words and phrases your competitor is ranking can help you prioritize your keywords.

There are two ways to analyze competitors.

In the first case, you can use the words used by the competitor and try to provide better content for it; In the latter case, you can use words that the competitor has not used.

And in the meantime, you can use words that have a high search volume.

In the first case, you intend to compete aggressively with your opponent, and in the second case, your goal is to use opportunities that your opponent has not used.

Researching keywords based on seasonal trends

In some seasons we see a strange growth in the search for some keywords.

For example, in January, even in December, the phrase Christmas is searched a lot.

Or in February, we see increasing the search volume for the word Valentine gift.

Using these waves can increase your site traffic many times over and produce up-to-date content.

To learn about seasonal trends, there is a free tool called google trend that will allow you to do so.


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Searching for keywords by geographic area

As you know, some keywords are pronounced differently in different areas.

Or there are phrases that are mostly searched in some provinces.

Google has also made this possible for us in a tool called google keyword planner.

For example, we can say that big trucks are called big rig in Texas and USA.

While in New York, the same big trucks are called tractor trailers.


Producing the right content is one of the main foundations of SEO for any website.

To produce the right content, you need to use keywords with the right strategy.

Keywords let you know in what terms the user will search for your product or service.

Setting a strategy will also help you achieve top Google rankings faster and easier.

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