What is black hat SEO

What is black hat SEO

The black hat SEO technique

What is black hat SEO: Black hat SEO refers to techniques, strategies and methods that try to increase the website ranking through illegal and destructive methods.

In fact, in black hat SEO, the goal is to increase the ranking in search engines and there is no focus on the audience and users of the site.

Of course, people who work in the field of black hats, never follow the legal instructions of Google and see only one thing:

getting on the first page of Google in the fastest time and at any cost.

In the world of SEO, there are rules that must be followed.

These rules are for us that by following them, in addition to creating a suitable environment,

and improving the user experience, we can increase the ranking of our site in a completely principled way that will never fall.

To increase the site’s ranking, you need to always be up to date with the latest Google changes and new SEO techniques, so that you can be ranked first in Google.

Unfortunately, most people who work in the field of black hat SEO, even though they are familiar with the latest.

But actually want to reach their goal in a few days and not only cannot but are severely penalized by Google.

8 Dangerous Black Hat SEO Techniques

  1. Buy links

Matt Cutt, an SEO expert, states:

“Most people buy links in order to get more inbound links and get on the front pages faster.”

This is one of the worst black hat SEO techniques that unfortunately big sites also use.

Matt Cutt

Website owners think that by buying links, they can raise their site faster and stay in the same rank,

And also no longer need to spend on the production of general content.

But we must say, buying links is one of the black hat SEO cases and Google,

today People who want to optimize their site by circumventing the law will be severely punished.

  1. Spam comments

You must have noticed that people comment on your posts or put links to your site that have nothing to do with your site in terms of content and topic.

You may also do this yourself.

It should be said that such comments are called “spam comments”. Comment spam is another black hat SEO technique that people often think has a positive effect on the site.

First of all, sites basically turn incoming links to others as No opener No referrer Nofollow, which means that this backlink has no effect on your site’s ranking and may even penalize your site.

Also, if you verify that your blog comments are displayed without checking, spam and malicious links may be placed, which will negatively affect your site.

It also destroys the look of your blog among other users.

So why are you so insistent on using the black hat SEO technique to be penalized by Google and downgraded?

  1. Copied content

There has been a lot of talk about creating content, and everyone knows that content is the king of the site.

The easiest and cheapest way to increase a website’s ranking is to creating a unique content.

Search engines attach great importance to creating a unique content and consider the use of duplicate content to be the worst kind of black hat SEO.

Decuplate content

Duplicate content, in addition to penalizing your site and affecting its ranking, will ruin your identity and reputation among your users.

Of course, if you are going to reuse the content of your site.

(for example, put an old article back on your site at the request of open users), it is better to use the canonical tag.

4. Rephrase articles

Rewriting the article is actually like copying content.

This is a plagiarism, and the difference with duplicate content is that they move phrases,

so that they do not look too much like the original article,

but it must be said that Google’s algorithm is very clever and can quickly get the main point from a specific phrase.

It is a tiny black hat SEO technique that many people think they are smart about.

  1. Hide text (cloaking)

Hiding text is a deceptive technique known as black hat SEO.

In this technique, the webmaster or content manager writes text that is not visible to users and can only be viewed by search engines.

Of course, today other search engines realize this and quickly penalize the site, but it is still used anyway.

  1. Doorway page

This is another black hat SEO technique. In fact, this page is known as a jump or bridge page,

which is fully optimized for the target keyword and is not of much value in terms of content.

And in terms of content, it is not so valuable and its purpose,

is just to send the user from this page to other pages that have nothing to do with the user search term.

In this black hat SEO technique, on this page,

phrases are written in the form of links that the user is looking for.

For example, “If you want to know ten ways to optimize your site,

click on the link now” but the internal content It has nothing to do with the title of the link.

  1. Use keywords a lot

This technique, which used to be very practical, not only has no use today, but the site must be fined.

Google has set a usage density for each keyword that is between 1 and 3% per page.

Using it a lot will make Google think that you are going to attract all the traffic to you this way and you have no valuable content.

Therefore, it will penalize your site and make you one of the black hat SEO users.

  1. Invisible content

In this technique keywords are used in white background.

Hence the user cannot see them but the search engines see it.

This is one of the black hat SEO techniques that may penalize you for using too many keywords.

The difference with cloaking is that in hiding you can also hide JavaScript code,

but in invisible content, only the text is hidden. However, every component of the SEO technique is considered a black hat.

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