What is the importance of SEO for websites

What is the importance of SEO for websites?

Importance of SEO

You may tell yourself: What is the importance of SEO for websites?

A review of personal and business sites that many friends have mentioned in their profiles has led us to conclude that many friends still do not take all SEO functions seriously.

And perhaps because of this, in the content production process, they do not attach particular importance to content optimization for search engines.

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Increase website traffic

The most important thing that can say about the advantage of SEO and the importance of using SEO techniques is increasing traffic to your website.

You can not forever count on friends and acquaintances and introduce your website and your demands to them.

Even backlinks from other sites have limited capacity.

You can’t drive your audience to your site every day and every night on Instagram stories by saying things like “touch” and “pull up.”

The best friend who can always take care of you and introduce your claim to others is Google.

If you have a banner ad on the most popular sites or link to you in their articles (in the form of friendly advice to the audience or, for example, ad reporting), you will eventually attract a percentage of the traffic to those sites.

But when you make time for SEO, you are attracting a percentage of the total online search population that happens to be precisely what you are looking for professionally.

At the same time, this share can increase with your efforts.

The relationship between your position on the search results page and inbound SEO traffic is nonlinear.

That is, a slight change in position can make a big difference in traffic.

With the slightest change, there is a tremendous difference in traffic.

More trust from visitors:

A visitor who searches for content and gets it to you will usually trust your site more than someone you ask to visit in any other way.

And the business should not face the goal of deceiving the audience and feel your goodwill.

The fact that the audience feels that they have searched the web and found and discovered your content is entirely different from the fact that they have been directed to the site by you.

SEO, the credibility of your site

Suppose you introduce your site or blog to someone, and they want to verify your site.

He usually – if he is an expert – will use at least three methods:

Reads some of your requests (direct content evaluation)

Checks your site’s Alexa rank (as an estimate of your audience)

Search for a few keywords related to the topic of your site.

In the case of Alexa rankings, you may be able to make the excuse that your claim is specialized and has a small audience and that no one should expect a large audience;

But the fact that Google is not willing to recommend your content to others is no longer simply acceptable.

The phrase “SEO is also a technique anyway” made sense about five or ten years ago.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming more and more powerful every day,

and not being offered by search engines can mean to some extent that you ignore the needs and concerns of your online audience and write for yourself.

Help maintain your site’s Alexa rank

No matter how much we say Alexa rank is unnecessary and its value is less today than it used to be (which it is), still, as we said a little higher, Alexa is one of the primary criteria for judging your site.

From this perspective, we can compare Alexa rank to the primary impact on communication skills: we humans are beyond our bags, shoes and clothes;

But we also know that these criteria affect the judgment of others at first glance, and we need time and energy to correct them.

So while Alexa rank should not be our number one concern, it makes sense to put it somewhere in the middle or bottom of our list of concerns.

Many people think that the Alexa of a site or blog is a sign of the activity of the owners of the site and the blog, and to maintain Alexa rank, they must constantly write and publish new content.

Spending time on SEO is a long-term investment

What are the SEO alternatives?

Do you want to place banner ads on other sites?

Want to promote your site in social media posts?

Do you want to pay Google to advertise you in Google AdWords (at the dollar rates we know and recognize)?

Want to do email marketing?

Do you want to pay other sites to publish sponsored content for you?

Do you want to post on the Telegram channel and direct a part of the audience to your site?

None of this is the wrong way to go. But you have to keep in mind that their common feature is that they are cross-sectional. You set a budget, and as long as that budget is spent, advertising will continue.

To drive social media audiences to your site, you need to constantly generate new content (you can’t republish your content link every day without asking and ask others to click on it).

The advantage of investing in SEO is that its effect will last for a long time, and trying to stay on the search results page will take less time, money and resources than other alternatives.


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