what is white hat seo

What is white hat SEO?

The white hat SEO technique

What is white hat SEO: SEO (Search engine optimization) is a series of important principles and rules that using these rules you can be better seen on the Google and bring every report and content to the highest rank in the search engine.

However, when you publish content about the X keyword inside your website.

For example, you can be better seen if you follow the principles of SEO.

Better visibility means that your content will be ranked higher by the user searching for keywords based on the keywords used.

And finally, you can attract a lot of visitors to your website and gain high popularity over time and start your internet business.

However, if we want to study SEO separately, we come to the two categories of white hat SEO and black hat SEO.

And if we do not have any expertise in this field, we can find an understanding of their meaning.

However, white hat SEO is a completely principled and correct method of content creation,

that has a longer path than the second method, namely black hat SEO.

The general meaning of white hat SEO

The general meaning of white hat SEO is the use of various strategies, techniques and tactics that are approved by the large collection of Google.

However, all of these things are in one direction, and that is to focus on providing the best results to Google users.

So if you follow these tips in the content you write and explain each item in the same context X, Google will give you priority.

The meaning of white hat SEO

Therefore, your generated content will be seen by millions of users in different parts of the world.

And finally you can start your own internet business in your own way and sell your products without any problems and hassles.

For this reason, in the continuation of this report from the Seomasters,

we want to introduce you to the principles of all-white SEO.

So stay with us.

1- Quality of the created content

Let’s go back in time and let you understand this with a simple example.

During college, if you remember, we all chose topics as research, and to get a score of 1 to 20,

we did our best to do a thorough research with content that we sometimes copied from different websites.

Present to the teacher to get the full score.

In general, the basis of this type of research was not important for each of us and the most important issue was the score.

But there were other studies that could take several months to complete during a team effort.

Therefore, this research was an important and crucial issue, and for this reason, we tried for hours to be accepted by the professor.

However, the second type of research was more interesting to us.

So far, we have reached a general understanding and partially understood the purpose of content production.

Quality of the created content

Write content

When you write content and are seen on Google, this time you are not seen by just one person.

This time, you may attract thousands of visitors who come to your website to solve a problem or teach topics.

If your content is not complete, they will leave your website immediately and you will eventually lose your place in Google search engine.

Therefore, if you are writing a content on topic X, you should list all aspects.

So that even the simplest user who enters your website can get to the heart of the matter.

However, you should work very carefully and comprehensively on any topic that you decide to create content, and then publish it carefully.

The most important elements that represent the creating of quality content can be mentioned as follows;


  • Produce principled content by observing punctuation
  • Images produced by yourself
  • Do not copy text from other websites and …

2- Using related keywords

Another area that you should use in content creation is the use of keywords that you should use when creating content.

However, the most basic way to use keywords is to make sure they are all relevant to the text;

Which means that if you are generating content on topic X, all the keywords used in the report should contain an X.

And you have explained about them.

important of keyword in SEO

But if you go out of your way to use unrelated keywords, you should know that you are creating content;

that is contrary to Google’s principles and that you may lose your place in the Google results pages.

So the most sensible thing to do is to be sure to use keywords related to topic X and avoid keywords that are separate from the topic.

3- The relevance of the created content with the title

The website and the content you publish on your website are all in the Google search engine and you are basically here to meet the needs of Google users.

But sometimes there are cases when we do a Google search for a topic;

where the results displayed appear to be correct.

But when we enter the website, we encounter a mismatch between the title and the content.

Therefore, when the user enters this category of websites, you will finally scroll the page up and down for 10 seconds.

And you will immediately leave the report page without opening another page from the same website, which is the sum of this type.

Visiting leads to an increase in bounce rate and is very dangerous for the SEO site.

4- Use related internal links

To understand this, let’s start with a simple example.

Imagine the subject of the “book”, which includes many sub-categories, including historical books,

philosophical books, astronomy books, academic books, educational books, political books,

engineering books, and so on.

So now you have a bookstore site and you want to attract customers by producing content about the said categories.

So first you start writing about the category of historical books, which, for example, is related to the category of philosophical books.

Because some factors are common to them.

Therefore, you can link the philosophical books at the end or any other part of the content produced for historical books once so that the user can enter this page as well.

5- Website loading speed

If you recall the last few years, with the slow speed of the Internet, all the websites were very slow.

So there was no discussion of high speed and prioritizing high speed websites.

But today, thanks to high-speed Internet, we see the presence of various sites that have very high loading speeds.

loading speed for website

It should be noted that in terms of SEO, site speed is one of the ranking priorities in Google;

which has made it difficult for other websites and companies.

However, if you have a website that loads very slowly.

We must realistically say that from the very beginning, you got a negative score compared to your competitors.

6-Work for the audience, not the search engine

Maybe from the first day you decided to buy your domain and design your own unique website.

You thought more about the goal and the margin.

The basis of this kind of thinking is a bit wrong, and we do not mean that earning money is wrong or anything!

Making money for you starts when you have reached your goal to form a sense of trust within the customer.

But on the other hand, if your site is a store and you have published only a few simple products so far;

Naturally you may not have a customer even for a year, but after you have gone 80% of the way.

And analyzed all the problems and defects of the site and You have solved all of them;

You have to think about earning money in order to reach your goal.

search engine

Therefore, our advice to you is not to do anything for a few days or a few week.

Just put yourself in the place of the user who has entered your website,

and wants to see the product with all the descriptions and specifications.

And then buy from you at a reasonable price.

Therefore, put yourself in the audience’s shoes and work according to the needs that may arise and do not have anything to do with the search engine.

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